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Access Technology

The future is now, so we offer cutting-edge upgrades to create new levels of convenience. The advanced technology of our Electrical Locking System works in conjunction with any of the upgrades below, allowing you the comforts of total automation at the highest security level.


No more small, blurry eye holes. See the bigger picture with our high quality built in LCD 6.4″ video screen so you know exactly who is standing on the other side.


Breathe easy with top-of-the line facial recognition security. This upgrade means your door opens only for you or those you trust. This includes our waterproof audio and video intercom with a daylight visible screen, so whether you’re inside or outside, the door knows when it’s not you that may be trying to enter.


For an even higher level of security, automate access through our fingerprint reader. Be certain only you or those you trust can access your sanctuary.


Something we could all do without: misplacing keys. Avoid that altogether through our digital keypad access. Simply type in your alphanumeric code and never worry about misplacing one of your most valued items.

Proximity Sensor

Avoid sifting through keys that all look alike or maintaining rusting or sticking locks. Using a slim sensor transponder is as easy as touching it to the door, unlocking total convenience.

Automatic Door

Find your flow with a hands-free doorway. The automatic motorized opening and closing upgrade is thoughtful, making way for you and your day-to-day.