What is a security door?

It is a steel reinforced door with multiple heavy locking bolts to provide burglar protection for your home or commercial property.

Are there different levels of security?

Yes, we can reach any level you may need, including top ballistic protection.

Do the doors come in standard sizes?

Doors come in standard widths of 32”, 34” and 36”, and standard heights of 80”, 84”, 90” or 96”. All doors are available in custom sizes.

Do I need a special wall to install a security door?

Not necessarily, but it must be strong enough to carry the weight. Metal framed walls should be reinforced with wood framing bucks.

How much do security doors weigh?

It varies based on your needs for size, security level, and paneling. Doors generally start at 200 lbs. and can reach 1,000 lbs. depending on the selections.

Is a security door difficult to open due to the weight of the door?

No, the movement is actually very fluid.

Do I need a special wall to install a ballistic door?

Yes, the wall must be reinforced with concrete and/or ballistic rated wall coverings to guarantee the ballistic protection.

Can I install a security door into an interior wall?

Yes, it’s typically installed in the Master Bedroom.

Do I need a special frame to install a security door?

No, typically the door comes pre-hung in a secure frame, however pre-hanging the door is not required.

Does the location of the security door matter to maximize security?

Yes, it is fundamental and should be considered carefully. The exposure to elements of the door may require special kits to prevent maintenance issues.

Is it possible to have glass in the security door? Will it be weaker?

Yes, glass can be supplied in a variety of security and ballistic ratings, and the glass is as strong as the door itself.

Will the doors require a threshold or step on the floor?

There are some factors to consider. For internal doors no, but for external doors or doors exposed to the elements, a threshold step is recommended to improve the weather seal. The step can be 9mm or 15mm high.

Do I need to penetrate the floor to install a pivot door?

Not necessarily, a solution can be installed on top of the finish floor.

Can an installed door be raised if a new floor/carpet is required?

Yes, installed doors can generally be adjusted up to 1/8”. If additional adjustment is needed, the door may need to be removed and reinstalled.


Can the doors be inswing or outswing?

Yes, doors can be either without compromising security.

Where can we set the axis position on a pivot door?

We can center it symmetrically based on door width. For an asymmetrical look, we can set the axis as close as 7” from the edge of the door frame.

Are “invisible” hinges available?

Yes, concealed hinges are available that cannot be seen when the door is in the closed position.

What are the opening limits?

Standard (visible) hinges can open up to 130°, whereas special visible hinges open up to 180°. Our pivot and concealed hinges open up to 90°.

Are the doors self-closing?

Yes, we can provide you with an optional self-closer feature.

Can the door be held open in a determined position?

Yes, you can add an optional door closer with an integrated door holder.

Locking System

Can I have the same key for all the doors?

Yes, for all the doors with EU cylinder predisposition

Can I have different keys for service users?

Yes, the locks can accommodate a customizable system of key hierarchy.

Can I change my key?

Yes, the cylinder can be replaced to change a key.

What do I do if I lose my key?

If all keys are lost, the cylinder(s) would need to be changed out so a new key can be provided. For some special systems, you can simply deactivate that single key.

Do I need the key to close the door?

Doors with manual locks require a key to lock the door from the outside. Doors with a thumb turn lock on the inside can be locked without a key from the inside.

What is the DEFENDER?

This is the heavy protection of the cylinder. It is both penetration-proof and bullet-proof.

Can I replace the lock of my security door?

Yes, but the lock is incredibly reliable and very rarely requires changing.

Are the doors equipped with any child protection?

Doors with a manual lock and no thumb turn cannot be opened without a key. If your door has a motorized lock, you can engage a child setting so it cannot be opened from the inside without you.


How are the motorized locks powered?

Low voltage 12V Dc (power supply included).

Can the technology operate with a battery?

Yes, a battery pack can be integrated and is generally guaranteed for 20,000 opening cycles.

What happens if my house loses power?

Should you experience a power outage, a manual key override is available for the locks.

Can you provide an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system?

Yes, the doors can be provided with a hybrid system, including a direct power supply and a battery backup.

What kind of access systems are available besides keys?

In addition to keys, the doors can be opened using a proximity reader, biometric scanner or facial recognition. Please consult our experts to learn about all available options.

Can multiple opening devices be integrated into a door?

Yes, up to 3 devices in sequence can be used to create a multiple layered security system

Can a door be easily reprogrammed to add or remove users?

Yes, doors can easily be reprogrammed.

Do the motorized locks lock themselves every time the door closes?

By default yes, but can easily be set to “free” mode so that it doesn’t lock when closed.

Can the doors be self-opening?

Yes, but you must have the automated electronic movement integrated.

Can the door be integrated into a home automation system?

Yes, we can wire the lock opening contact and the lock status cables into your home automation system.

Can the lock be managed remotely?

Yes, most of the functions work through Bluetooth, and a virtual key system or remote opening option can be integrated.


Are all the door panel materials suitable for outdoor use?

No, some of the materials such as leather, laminate, and wood are not recommended for exterior use.

What materials are suggested for doors exposed to tropical weather?

We recommend porcelain, back-painted glass or aluminum options.

Can coverings be matched to other doors/millwork within a space?

Yes, custom coverings can be hung on the doors. It is recommended that custom coverings are produced locally to match existing millwork

Can I change or repaint the coverings after installation?

Yes, door coverings can be changed or refinished after installation.

What is the maximum covering thickness?

Up to 1’ without special processing.

Can I have custom coverings and/or materials?

Yes, custom coverings can be hung on the doors. It is recommended that custom coverings are produced locally to match existing millwork.


Is temporary hardware available to be changed out after installation?

Yes, we can supply temporary hardware that you can have replaced after installation.

What should I communicate to my locksmith when I decide to change the hardware?

Please tell them you need an 8mm square European spindle for the handle and a European cylinder for the plate.

What standard finishes are available?

Currently we have brass or chrome options in a polish or satin finish.

Can I get custom hardware?

Yes, custom hardware is available.

Can an installed door be raised if a new floor/carpet is required?

Installed doors can generally be adjusted up to 1/8”. If additional adjustment is needed, the door may need to be removed and reinstalled.