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Door Coverings

Take your security door to a new status with our elegant door coverings. We offer painted wood, back painted glass, aluminum, leatherette and porcelain coverings in various panel and color configurations. Add metal inserts or kick plates made of polished or brushed stainless steel, copper, brass, or bronze to blend with decor, or stand out as a focal point. If preferred, all doors come panel-ready so your contractor can customize to match other doors or millwork in your home for a true blending.


Modern and avant-garde.

Compact, solid, waterproof and invulnerable to scratches. The porcelain stoneware slabs are of great aesthetic level, they can reproduce any type of surface: from the wooden effect, to the terracotta, to the industrial style of concrete. The great aesthetic versatility makes it suitable for any interior and exterior environment, classic and modern.


The ultimate expression of luxury.

Cowhide of European animals bred for the food industry, strictly controlled throughout the production cycle. Italian processing and tannery, in compliance with the environment and government laws. Soft and consistent. Small scratches, wrinkles or small defects are the distinctive details of this product.


Suitable for partially exposed outdoor use.

Back Painted Glass

Suitable for partially exposed outdoor use.

Painted Wood

A timeless classic.

The doors with painted wood cladding are endowed with great charm and have a classic and timeless style. Wood has always been chosen for its elegance and for that pleasant sensation of warmth it can offer.