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A pocket security door is more than a door—it brings a modern feel to your home. As an exterior option it’s a magnificent window that connects you with the beauty of nature. As an interior option its low profile is invisible when not in use, but can quickly provide a protective barrier when needed. With the ability to seamlessly blend into your architecture and interior decor, this is an excellent choice for modern homes.


The pocket option has all of the same world-class security features and Italian craftsmanship as our other models, but its complete pocket assembly allows it to literally hide in your walls. No hinges and no pivot mean no door swing, allowing for the strength and resistance you desire in a security door without taking up precious space. Reinforced 14 gauge steel, rockwool sound insulation, burglar/ballistics resistance, and multipoint locks allow the pocket model to be a present, dominant barrier, or subtle opening between spaces.

  • Door and frame is constructed from 14 gauge steel
  • Multi-point locking system
  • Frame is secured using 6” stainless steel bolts going directly through the frame
  • Frame includes built in steel spacing system for shimming the door
  • Lock is protected by drill resistant manganese plate
  • Rockwool for sound and thermal insulation
  • Flush INT ⅜” / EXT ⅝” Primed MDF covering - standard
  • Overall door thickness w/ standard coverings = 3.75” / 95mm
  • Overall door thickness w/o standard covering = 2.5” / 63mm
  • Door is pre-hung
  • Standard Sizing: (W) 32"-34"-36"; (H) 80"-84"-90"-96"
  • Custom sizing available upon request

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