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Structural Upgrades

We all live in different environments with different climates. Sometimes a threat to your safety or peace of mind doesn’t come from a person. Our security doors offer additional protection against environmental encroachments no matter your geographic location.

Concealed Door Closer

A hydraulic system that closes the door automatically.

Hole Closing System

Telescopic hole closing system which closes all holes in the frame to create a flush and clean look when the door is in the open position. 

Fire Proofing

The Fireproofing upgrade provides a fire proof gasket, ceramic paper, a calcium silicate panel for both internal/external,  and fire proof insulation. Whether you’re up against a wildfire, arson, or an electrical fire, know that you’re protected from even the most extreme circumstances.


The Thermal upgrade includes a third gasket, thermal insulation on your external panel, fireproof insulation, rockwool, and threshold thermal insulation. During frightful winter weather, this upgrade keeps you warm and cozy.

Weather Guard

The Weather Guard upgrade seals against harsh wind and water using an extra gasket, thermal cut threshold and rockwool. This prepares you for hurricane season or unpredictable weather extremes.

Acoustic Insulation

With the Acoustic Insulation upgrade, we include an extra gasket, certified draft excluder, insulation mat, and rockwool to soundproof. Sleep soundly without unwanted noise.