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Standard Hinge

The Standard Hinge door is the commonly used door in homes today. It is typical to find this on the main entry door, bathrooms, closets and master suites. The only difference from our standard hinge to what you would normally see is our hinges are welded to the frame and door leaf itself to ensure better security as well as to carry the weight of the larger and more secure doors we offer. Even though the hinges are welded to the doors you do have the option of customizing the hinges with the covers and finials. This allows you to match the other hinges in your home so you don’t have to compromise. 


Our Standard Hinge door is constructed of reinforced, hardened 14-gauge steel. This include the door leaf itself as well as the pre-hung steel frame. This door comes with standard flush wood skins that can either be primed or painted to any RAL code. Or it can come panel ready like a sub-zero fridge which allows you to match the existing design throughout your home.

  • Multi-Point Locking System
  • Reinforced steel frame secured with 6” stainless steel bolts
  • Built-in steel shimming system for precise fit
  • Panel Ready Option
  • Concealed Draught Closer
  • Standard size options: (W) 32", 34", 36"; (H) 80", 84", 90", 96"
  • Custom sizing available upon request

Standard Door Layouts

Standard Hinge Customizatons

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