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Security and Protection

Featuring multi-level Burglar Protection starting with an 11-point locking system, our doors are discreetly elegant; concealing indomitable reinforced steel construction approved at government and law enforcement levels. It’s the ultimate in security, featuring a double lock system that enables normal key access until a second lock is engaged. Our security doors are perfect for upscale residences, upscale commercial property, and security rooms.

Ballistic Protection : Level 4

  • To prepare you for the most extreme cases, this level is resistant to 44 Magnum and AK-47 attacks. For burglars trying to show off, show them the door.
  • UL Level 5 Protection.

Ballistic Protection : Level 3

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  • UL Level 3 Protection.

Burglary Protection : Level 4

  • Did the burglar bring some tools? No problem here. This level resists power drill attacks.
  • Includes 14 locking points.

Burglary Protection : Level 3

  • Stave off common thieves trying to disrupt your life. 
  • This protection level is resistant to manual attack, no matter how beefy the burglar.
  • Includes 11 locking points.